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Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement surgery is the most popular procedure among a wide age range of women in the UK and has a massive satisfaction rate. It has many names, such as: breast enhancement, breast augmentation or even casually by ‘boob job.’ Women looking for breast enlargement could be unhappy with their natural size or are looking at improving the shape or augmentation of their breasts. The breast enlargement procedure helps improve the size, shape, form and feel of your breasts.

There are many reasons as to why a woman may be unhappy with her size and seek a breast enlargement, they may have lost some of their perk or bounce after pregnancy, a significant loss of weight or during the natural aging process. Maybe they didn’t reach a size you’d hoped for in the first place. This can leave you feeling less feminine or less of a woman and can destroy your confidence. But fear not, a simple, quick and very effective breast enlargement surgery can give you that confident, feminine feeling that you crave. Breast enhancement could be the answer to your prayers and is very much within reach for you.breast enlargement - boob job pic

Boob Job

If you find yourself with a low self esteem due to what you consider to be less than perfect breasts then a boob job is exactly what you need to improve your mental wellbeing as well as your physical appearance. A breast augmentation is very safe and much less intensive than you think. In fact it only takes 45 – 60 minutes under a choice of local or general anaethetic to complete a breast enhancement. If local anaesthetic is chosen then sedation will also be required during your breast augmentation but it is simple, quick and easy. Everything is done to accommodate the patient and whatever the choice of anaesthesia, the time taken for the boob job is the same.

Breast Implants

A breast implant is a silicone sac, sometimes filled with sterile saline and other times filled with silicone and is used during a boob job. That decision is usually up to the patient after consultation with the breast augmentation surgeon to weigh up the benefits. The breast implant is inserted into the boob through a very small incision made in the natural crease of the breast. The incision is then sealed up with completely disposable stitches. This is usually carried out as a day case or sometimes an overnight stay. This is dependent on your requirements.

After having breast enlargement surgery it is recommended that you take at least one week off from work. The actual time off needed can vary however, depending on your heal rate and the job role you will be performing.

It can take between four and six weeks for a full recovery from a boob job. Once you have recovered you will find that your self esteem, confidence and femininity will come back and you can look forward to the happiness and fun times that you will experience as the new you. Breast augmentation can perform wonders to how you feel about yourself.

Breast Enhancement Advice

When you decide to have a breast enlargement procedure, this is our advice:

  1. Always do your research and only go to an established, reputable breast augmentation clinic for your boob job. We have listed what we feel is the best breast enlargement clinics in your area and check for reputation and how long they have been established but you should make your own checks too. Don’t go with a clinic for a breast enhancement if it hasn’t been around for a while.
  2. When you make contact with a clinic about a breast enhancement, whether it is recommended by us or not, always find out about your breast enlargement surgeon. Ask about their qualifications, expertise and patient satisfaction rate of breast enhancements. Ensure that all follow-ups will be carried out by the same breast augmentation surgeon that will perform your procedure.
  3. Never let the price make your mind up for you. Yes you want to save a few pounds on your boob job if you can, but going to a less reputable source or abroad to save money is just asking for disaster. When getting a breast enhancement, safety should be your priority concern and it should also be priority to your breast augmentation surgeon. You should feel confident that your breast enlargement surgeon will do everything they can to keep you looked after and well informed during and after your breast augmentation surgery.
  4. Don’t take short cuts to save money or time, we recommend only the best breast enhancement surgeons in your area, check them out, get to know them and if your feel comfortable and they have answered all of your concerns then you go ahead with the breast enhancement surgery. Saving money or rushing to get the boob job done should never, ever be the main issue.
  5. Follow all advice given for recovery. It will be an uncomfortable time but you are healing from surgery. Do everything you are advised to do and everything will end up exactly how you want it.
  6. Enjoy your new body and the confidence that comes with it. Love the new you and the new life that comes with it.

breast augmentation - boob job