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Botox Injections, What Are They?

Botox is a small injection that eradicates wrinkles and signs of aging. It is the most popular cosmetic surgery. Over six million procedures are performed every year. The number of procedures just keeps going up as its popularity sky rockets. The use by many celebrities of botox injections has brought it into the public eye. Fantastic results means that it isn’t going away any time soon. The botox injection in North Somerset is a small amount of neurotoxin applied directly to the problem area. The neurotoxin is found in the natural environment, where it is largely inactive and non-toxic. Botox injections in North Somerset and Juvederm dermal fillers are mainly used to reduce or eliminate wrinkles and lines. It can also be used to treat migraines, muscular disorders, excessive sweating, and some bowel and bladder disorders. It has been found to be very effective at all these things. The organism from which botox injections North Somerset come from is called clostridium botulinum. It can be found readily and naturally within forests, cultivated soils, lake sediments, streams and coastal areas. It is completely unharful in its natural form.

So, How Do North Somerset Botox Injections Work?

Botox works by injecting a very small small amount of the neurotoxin into the problem areas. This blocks the electrical signals from the muscles to the brain, effectively partially paralysing the muscle and removing the localised wrinkles and lines. Check out this video

Juvederm Dermal Fillers North Somerset, an Alternative to Botox Injections?

Botox injections North Somerset are certainly the most commonly known anti-aging procedure but there is an alternative. Juvederm North Somerset is a very similar practice, it uses slightly larger needles but instead of injecting a neurotoxin into the muscles, it consists of hyaluronic acid which is  a dermal filler North Somerset naturally found within connective, epithelial and neural tissues within your body. Instead of paralysing the muscles, Juvederm acts as a filler, filling the wrinkled ares and plumping them out to give you a more youthful look. They both work about as well as each other and it really comes down to personal choice whether you’d rather have a juvederm dermal filler North Somerset or a botox injection North Somerset. Many people combine the two, getting both treatments for extra results.

Juvederm or Botox, Which Hurts More?

Botox injections in North Somersetand Juvederm dermal fillers in North Somerset both involve being injected in the face, so it stands to reason that they’re both going to hurt you, right? Actually no, they’re both surprisingly un-painful. Botox injections use the smallest type of needles available so they can’t be felt by the average person. Juvederm North Somerset dermal fillers use the next size up when it comes to needles but there’s not much difference in size. Juvederm dermal fillers come with lidocaine added to it though. This acts as a local anesthetic and numbs the area immediately on injection. Really though, there is nothing to worry about, you won’t feel a thing and the youthful results are more than worth it.

Surely All This Has to Come at a Price?

How much would you pay to look ten years younger? Ten years is a lot of aging but it is very possible with these techniques. Both Botox injections North Somerset and Juvederm dermal fillers North Somersetcan easily take off ten years and make you feel as youthful and carefree as you did back then. What price can you put on feeling that attractive again? That kind of goodness is priceless. But luckily, there is a price for it and it is surprisingly small. Below is a sample of prices in North Somerset:

Botox Prices

Botox Areas Cost
1 area of Botox® £199
2 areas of Botox® in 1 session £299
3 areas of Botox® in 1 session £350
3 areas of Botox® 3 times a year £899

Juvederm Prices

JUVEDERM® ULTRA 2 £225 £175 £275 £225
JUVEDERM® FOR LIPS £250 £200 £335 £285
JUVEDERM® ULTRA 4 £300 £250 £350 £300
JUVEDERM® HYDRATE £200 £150 £250 £200
JUVEDERM® VOLUMA £400 £350 £450 £400

Exact prices, the type of filler and the number of vials to be confirmed during your consultation.

Anti Aging Treatment Before and After

botox resultsBefore and After Pic Botox, Forehead, Frown and Crows Feetbotox results






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